Create Marketing Activities That Will Pay Off

Content, blog posts, PR, social media. Yes, those are marketing activities that your edtech company should be doing. But those marketing activities will be most effective when organized into integrated marketing campaigns related to marketing strategies aligned with business goals. This course will describe how strategic marketing helps your company and how to create integrated marketing campaigns.

  • Learn the difference between tactical and strategic marketing

  • Find out how to structure your integrated marketing campaigns so they contribute to your business goals

  • Get tips for creating successful integrated marketing campaigns

  • Documents to download: Full-Funnel Marketing Example, Marketing Plan Outline, 15 Recommended Marketing Technologies

Hear From Past Participants

“Great insights into marketing strategy.”

Shilpa, UpThink

Course Content

    1. Welcome!

    2. Introduction Survey

    1. Understanding The Consumer Journey And Full-Funnel Marketing

    2. What's A Marketing Strategy vs. A Marketing Tactic?

    3. How To Plan A Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign

    4. Marketing Campaigns Quiz

    1. What Is Marketing Technology? And 7 Steps to Choose The Right Technology.

    2. Marketing Analytics: Measuring KPIs

    3. Marketing Technology Quiz

    1. Full-Funnel Marketing Example

    2. Marketing Plan Outline

    3. 15 Recommended Marketing Technologies

    1. What's Next: Take Action!

    2. End of Course Survey

About this course

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  • 1 hour of video content


Kristen Johnson

Founder, Wise Marketing Strategy

Kristen Johnson is the founder of Wise Marketing Strategy, where she partners with founders of education companies as a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). As a Fractional CMO, she has helped education companies build their brands and achieve sustainable revenue growth. Before starting this company, she worked in education, leading marketing for the continuing education division at Babson College, and helped Fortune 500 companies, like Bank of America, develop marketing campaigns while she worked at award-winning advertising agencies in Boston and New York. ​ She is a marketing mentor for StartED and a member of the EDmarket, edinno, and Boston EdTech communities.

Learn How to Build Integrated Marketing Campaigns